Metabolic Balance

Metabolic Balance program is based on the fact that every person has the capacity to produce all the hormones and enzymes necessary for a healthy metabolism. However, to support this process we need to supply the body with adaptable nutrients, which are obtained from wholesome foods. Our bodies have the ability to develop an appetite for foods containing the nutrients it needs. Unfortunately, instead of listening to our internal messages most people select foods based on external stimuli.


Metabolic Balance is NOT a fad diet, built on 25 years of scientific research. This is one nutrition plan that comes from a strong medical and nutritional background.


Each Metabolic nutritional plan is completely unique, created by taking your blood test results, (not to be confused with the Blood Type Diet) into consideration since every person’s metabolism and bio chemistry is different. Inflammation markers, blood glucose levels, thyroid levels etc. as well as medical history, medications, likes/dislikes are looked at when putting a plan in place. The plan will indicate what types of food work for you and against you, including how much to eat, when to eat and what to eat. Allowing you to reach your goals and balances the way in which you store and release energy and fat! Physical activity is discouraged in the initial stage of the program, allowing your body to rest.


Metabolic Balance is a method for adapting and regulating your diet in order to stimulate your metabolism. The system works with your body to encourage the release of insulin the way nature intended. Metabolic Balance re-balances your hormones, keeps your metabolism balanced, and helps you lose weight quickly, safely and without starving yourself!


Metabolic Balance is 100% natural, with no prescribed pills, shakes, packaged foods or injections. Your local grocery store easily provides all the wholesome nutritional rich foods that are listed on your personalized nutrition plan. Your clothing size will begin shrinking! You will feel revitalized and energized, and your efforts will be tangible in a short amount of time!


The Metabolic Balance is right for you if:

  1. You cannot lose weight despite all efforts
  2. You cannot get pregnant
  3. You struggle with inflammation (aches and pains)
  4. You are insulin resistant
  5. You have Rheumatoid Arthritis
  6. You have high blood pressure
  7. You have high cholesterol/triglycerides
  8. You suffer from skin disorders
  9. You suffer from IBS
  10. You have Fatty Liver Disease
  11. You want a healthy lifestyle, physique and confidence


Metabolic Weight Loss Program involves the following:

  1. Blood testing: 30+ values which assess blood fasting glucose, cholesterol, inflammation, liver enzymes and hormones.
  2. 8 metabolic Golden Nutritional Golden Rules which are the corner stone of the program.
  3. 2-day detox phase – a simple and gently nutritional adjustment that restores digestion and promotes gut health.
  4. Customized Meal Plan – Based on your blood report, health history, an individualized plan will address metabolism, hormones and nutritional deficiencies.
  5. Relaxed Phase – while still following the 8 golden basic rules, more freedom can be enjoyed as we introduce additional foods and make slight modifications.
  6. Maintenance Phase (Lifetime) – Once you reach your ideal and healthy weight, we work together to maintain your new-found life for good!!


What you can expect once you reach your goal weight loss:

  1. You will be able to make proper nutritional choices, while at home or travelling without worrying about gaining weight
  2. You will be able to make health, well-being and quality of life your number one priority
  3. You will reduce your risk for disease
  4. You have long lasting energy
  5. You will manage stress
  6. You will look and feel younger
  7. You will sleep better
  8. You will be able to either discontinue or reduce medications
  9. You will eliminate or reduce Hot Flashes/Night Sweats… and so much more!


What is included in this program:

  1. Iridology assessment
  2. Muscle testing
  3. Blood work requisition
  4. Your unique and personalized nutritional plan
  5. Cleansing product
  6. 8 in-office follow-up sessions
  7. Unlimited support through e-mail, texting, or phone call
  8. Motivational coaching


Are you ready to enjoy a newly invigorated lifestyle that allows you manage your weight for the rest of your life? Metabolic Balance is the only guide you will need!






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