“In May of last year I started experiencing pain in my right upper arm/shoulder area with reduced mobility.  I couldn’t even reach up in a cupboard to grasp a light weight bowl or dish. The pain was chronic and never really went away. The second I moved my arm I would cringe with pain.  I went to see my chiropractor but after several sessions it was clear it wasn’t helping. She recommended I try massage therapy which I did and quite honestly that hurt more than anything else.  I decided to see my family doctor who recommended an ultra sound.  The ultrasound showed that my tendons had calcified which was causing the pain.  She suggested I do some physiotherapy.  Naturally I followed her instructions and went to see a physiotherapist.  I did this for about 3 months without any real relief.  In talking with Lena she suggested doing an elimination using the BPR machine (bio physical resonance machine).  The machine opens up the energy pathways of the body but is non invasive.  I went to see Lena in the middle of January and she performed the elimination on me.  I can honestly say that after about 3 to 4 weeks I noticed a huge improvement in my arm.  It doesn’t hurt nearly as much as it did and some days it doesn’t hurt at all.  I’m really impressed and extremely happy about the improvements I’ve experienced.  Thank you Lena for your help and guidance with this!

On another note, I started experiencing menopause symptoms earlier this year.  Hot flashes and night sweats were the worst.  I talked to Lena about this and when she told me she could help me and there was no need for me to be suffering I was ready to listen!!  After visiting Lena at her office and having an iridology consultation she recommended a course of supplements to help regulate my hormones which were clearly out of whack!  Although my diet is fairly good we also did some food testing and for a  couple of weeks I eliminated certain food triggers from my diet;  food I thought was good for me!  As of today, 3 weeks after seeing Lena and taking my supplements I’m tremendously happy to say my hot flashes have reduced and if I do get them they are not nearly as intense or last as long.  My night sweats have significantly improved.  Some nights I’ve actually started sleeping through the night without being awakened by night sweats.  I’m confident and excited that this will only get better and better.  Thank you Lena so much for this and I can’t wait to see how much better it’s going to get!”

– C.Q. – Markham, O.N.


“Before being referred to Lena, I had several concerns about my health and general well-being that I was hoping to address. I had very little knowledge about food intolerance’s, proper supplementation, and changing my diet for the better. I can’t even put into words how much I actually learned from Lena. She’s incredibly insightful, professional, and I feel so comfortable talking to her about anything. Naturally, most people would be a little nervous discussing personal health problems or concerns they encounter but there was nothing I couldn’t talk to her about.

For my initial exam, Lena was able to locate the same concerns I was facing which were mainly constipation, bloating, sugar cravings/binge eating, and an overall sluggish feeling that I dealt with on a daily basis. This definitely wasn’t an overnight fix. Lena advised me on what foods to avoid (we discovered that cheese, something LOVE to eat, didn’t agree with my body), provided me with some healthier food alternatives, and told me which supplements would help clear the issue. We later discovered that I had intestinal parasites – something that freaked me out at first! I really had no idea how common they actually were and how many people were affected by parasites until Lena informed me. She recommended a cleanse where I would follow a very strict, but reasonable diet for 30 days. The first 10 days, I was to take specific supplements, the following 10 days was a break, and then the last 10 days of the cleanse I was to go back on the supplements. Truth be told, I wasn’t sure I could actually do it but am I ever glad that I did! Any time I was unsure of what food I could or could not eat while on the cleanse, she was always available to answer my questions. Not only do I feel like a million bucks, but the constipation has completely subsided and my digestion seems to be back on track, I don’t find that I have the same sugar cravings as before, and my mental clarity has improved. I also plan to continue with this diet to the best of my ability. I am now way more aware of what I foods I put in my body.

I also saw Lena after experiencing a lower back muscle strain. I had a tough time performing certain exercises/tasks and the pain radiated down my back to my calf. Physiotherapy and visits to the Chiropractor didn’t help me at all, in fact, I felt like it prolonged the issue. Lena recommended a supplement, and also a mineral bath soak which helped clear the pain shortly after!

I am so grateful to have my mind and body coming into balance with Lena’s guidance and continued support. I have the utmost confidence in her and would recommend her to anyone.”

– V. – Scarborough, O.N.


“Lena is fantastic! She really cares about her clients and is always willing to go the extra mile for them. She will check in with you to see how your body is responding to a new treatment and makes herself available when you need extra advice. Lena is flexible in her approach; she will give you the ideal recommended solution, but is willing to work within what you feel comfortable and capable of doing. She is very supportive and is never judgemental even when you don’t follow the prescribed regime as well as you should. I have recommended Lena to a lot of people and continue to highly recommend her to both friends and acquaintances!”

– M. – Toronto, O.N.


“Many times people are skeptical of Alternative Medicine.When you have suffered for years and years with a condition such as Allergies and everything has been done to help you and there is nothing else ,you tend to look elsewhere for help.This is where Iridology comes in. My first appointment with Lena Ferrara was overwhelming. Just by looking in my eyes she was able to tell me things about myself that had been going on for years and years. One of my main problems was the amount of mucus in my system and also the amount of bad bacteria that wasn’t being eaten by the good bacteria and thus the suggestion of a Candida Cleanse plus changing my diet to be Gluten free, Dairy free and sugar and salt free. After the first month not only was I not sniffing and blowing as much ,I also started losing weight which was a real bonus for me as I had tried different diets for years and years. I have been seeing Lena now for several months and with her guidance using various supplements I have noticed a marked improvement in my total well being. I would recommend this testing for anyone with ongoing conditions.
Lena Ferrara you are the best.”

– L.B. – Bowmanville, O.N.


“After a routine pap test, I was informed that I had an abnormal reading. Turns out I had Low-grade Squamous Intraepithelial Lesions (SIL) which is basically an abnormal cell growth on the surface of the cervix, typically caused by the HPV virus. I also learned that my previous pap test (3 years ago) revealed the same thing. The SIL had remained the same for several years with no progress.

With low-grade SIL, no treatment is offered. A specialist is to monitor me every 6 months to ensure that the cell growth has not spread and has remained the same. For the most part, the SIL disappears on it’s own with no treatment necessary. However, my previous pap test revealed the I had SIL which means this was something that was lingering for years, so my gynecologist ordered a Biopsy.

Prior to the Biopsy, I went to see Lena who suggested a Harmonization session, which would help eliminate the virus in my body. We ended up doing one more session shortly after I did the Biopsy. After several weeks of playing the waiting game for my test results, I finally received a call saying that the Biopsy came back clear and I had nothing to worry about. Both Lena and I were overjoyed! She kept in touch with me from Day 1, followed up after every test/specialist appointment. It was very comforting knowing that she was so caring and as concerned as I was.”

– V.K. – Scarborough, O.N.


“Before my first consultation with Lena, I would say I was in relatively good health; however, I was always tired, and just did not have enough energy to make it through the day.
Without going too in depth about my symptoms before my consultation, Lena began to examine my eyes, and it’s as though she read my mind. “You’re always feeling tired”, “You have low energy no matter what you do”, “You are stressed”, “You feel bloated constantly” – My answer, “YES, to everything”. It was amazing that she was telling me things about my body that I hadn’t shared with her. In addition, she noted a gynecological issue (which I hadn’t mentioned to her out of embarrassment initially), which was also linked with my other symptoms.


With this information, she suggested the Candida Cleanse. Before beginning, I thought it was going to be very challenging to give up all of the foods that I loved (or thought that I did). The first week was tough, but once I was past that 7-day mark, I felt like a new woman. The increased energy, the clarity I felt, the regular bowel movements, and that pesky gyno issue gone – I felt amazing. I no longer craved sugar, cheese, bread, or the two toughest things for me to give up: coffee and wine. After the cleanse was over, Lena suggested that it was ok to reintroduce some of those foods, but in moderation of course. She also taught me the importance of taking a probiotic regularly to prevent the Candida to build up again.


Lena not only helped me in the short term, but also gave advice on how to maintain my health in the long term. This is just one example of the many times Lena has helped me to achieve a healthier lifestyle. Her care and commitment to her practice, and genuine determination to help clients reach their goals, is why I wouldn’t hesitate recommending her to anybody.”

– K. -Toronto, O.N.


“I went to see Lena for my six year old son who had constant congestion and a buildup of phlegm. Through the night, he would cough up phlegm regularly. We also noticed that his arms were covered with small bumps. I had gone to the doctor a few times with these symptoms, but there were no answers that helped him. In our first visit, Lena discovered that my son had a gluten allergy and suggested to stay away from all foods with gluten for a little while and harmonized the body so it did not perceive gluten as a threat. After a few days, he felt so much better. The congestion was gone and the coughing up subsided. He is now able to eat gluten without any coughing or phlegm. Thank you Lena for helping my child heal!”

– M. – Woodbridge, O.N.


“I would like to take an opportunity to share with others the positive results I have succumbed from seeing Lena.

In June 2015 while talking to a friend Judy I mentioned I did not know what was wrong with my gut.  My gut had been bothering me for a number of months and was getting worse every day.  I was at the point it did not matter what I ate I ended up with a stomach ache.  It was terrible.  Judy recommended I go see Lena.  Judy’s recommendations are always on the money so never gave it a second thought.  Off I went to see Lena. WOW!!!! what Lena could see in my eyes was amazing.  Lena started me on a combination of supplements to address my gut, plus some other health issues as well.  Lena found I was full of candida and put me on a candida cleanse.  Her comment was “you may hate me for the first 3-4 days”, but push thru it, it will be worth it.  Guess what by day 3, oh she was right I hated her.  LOL!!!!!  Day 4 I called Lena telling her what I was experiencing and we both had a good belly laugh.  Each day got better.  The first week was the hardest, the second week was much easier.  After 2 weeks I still had some candida, so we went onto week 3.  The end results was I lost 8 lbs, no longer had my sugar cravings, no longer was hunger to the point of wanting to eat my arm off all the time.  It is now Jan 2016, I have kept off the weight, sugar cravings are a minimum and no longer can eat the portions I was eating previously.  I feel fantastic.  I saw Lena this week for a follow up appointment and I am totally candida free. Seeing Lena was the SMARTEST, MOST POSITIVE, thing I ever did for myself in 2015.  Lena is a very knowledgeable, professional, caring person.  I am so glad to have her in my life to help me maintain optimal health. I will continue to see Lena at least twice a year to keep my health on track.”

– A. – Whitby, O.N.


” I have seen many naturopaths in the past for my stomach issues and never got them fully resolved.  There’s something about Lena and her practice in Iridology that really stuck with me – her advice; her support and guidance; her strong knowledge and recommendations; she stayed connected with me throughout my massive diet lifestyle change.  She has inspired me to lead a healthy lifestyle with the right food choices that work for ME – its been approx 3 months and I am so thrilled with how I feel and how my life has changed!  Thank you Lena for being you – for being real and for making my life so much better. ”

– G.M. – Mississauga, O.N.


” 4 years ago I was diagnosed with chronic year-round allergies and was absolutely miserable.  Treatment included weekly shots and a never-ending cupboard full of pills.  Fast forward to 2017 and my health was once again going downhill.  I was fed up with always feeling like crap and knew every medical ‘solution’ just created another problem.  That’s when I met Lena. After only 4 weeks, I’ve been able to completely stop allergy meds and will slowly weave off my shots this year too.  Lena’s insight, knowledge and advice has completely changed my life and helped me gain control of my health for the first time in 29 years.  I now TRULY understand what it means to nourish your body with the right ingredients.  My meals are delicious, fresh, and the best part…I NEVER have to look at a nutrition label for calorie count ever AGAIN (girls we all know how daunting that is)! Present day: I’m 10 pounds lighter, almost 100% allergy free and the road to recovery is FINALLY within sight.  If you are ready to finally take control of your health and well-being, I urge you to contact Lena to learn more.  Thank you from the bottom of my heart Lena!! “

– A.F. – Whitby, ON.


“After 3 and a half long years, I have made the decision to stop my allergy shots.  Feeling great is a big part of my decision, but more so because I finally understand how food and stress play a part in my triggers and I really feel I am on the right path to improving those!  It was a bit of a scary decision because it’s become a security blanket to me, but I realized the other night that because the source of my allergies is under control, what are the shots really treating anymore?  I continue to be amazed by all I’ve learned from working with you, and wanted to share this exciting news because I truly feel it’s a testament to how amazing you are at what you do!  Not only is this an incredible personal achievement for me, but such a huge achievement for you as an iridoligist.  Still can’t thank you enough :)”

– A.F. – Whitby, ON.


“I recently starting going through menopause and was plagued with hot flashes and night sweats and because of this; interrupted sleep! For me personally these were the biggest changes and the most disruptive.  I went to see Lena and after a thorough visit with her she recommended some supplements and diet changes.  I can honestly say my hot flashes and night sweats have totally disappeared.  Lena said I would feel much better soon and although I wanted to believe her I found it hard but I can truthfully say she was absolutely correct and on the ball!  My hot flashes and night sweats have disappeared.  I sleep through the night without being interrupted by the night sweats and my days are much smoother without having to deal with hot flashes at the most in opportune time or ever actually! I will keep seeing Lena to ensure these symptoms continue to be under control and for my general well being. Keep up the good work Lena!”
– C.Q. – Markham, ON.

line-separator-green“I had been suffering with multifaceted pains and aches over the last 4 years, where in the last 2 years it had progressively gotten worse and worse.  I was experiencing painful stomach aches, bloating, skin rashes, joint pain, allergy like symptoms and overall inflammation and swelling in my body. I had chronic back pain, taking Advil every day to ease the feeling of what felt like my back breaking.  I had a hard time loosing weight, and over the last two years, no matter what I tried I could not get my weight down.  No exercise, no diet was helpful. It felt like I had to work so hard and sacrifice so much to get minimal results.  Over the years I was seeing my physical practitioner, who poked and probed, only to hear to no avail that there was nothing wrong with me and if I lost weight it would help with my pain and inflammation.  Tests told them nothing and it felt like I was going crazy.  All the prescription drugs and creams did nothing to fix the problems.  I went to holistic doctors, natural paths, homeopaths, chiropractors, all of which gave me remedies that didn’t work to resolve the issue permanently.

Lena was recommended to me through a friend, and I thank the stars that she was.  Since starting my assessment with her in late August 2018 until now November 2018, I feel like myself again.  No more chronic pain, no more skin rashes, no more swelling, no more bloating, no more nausea, no more waking up with nasal drip and allergy like symptoms.  Guess what?  All of that and 20 lbs lighter without exercising.  Lena has a wealth of knowledge, and is truly in tune with her clients.  Lena’s holistic and dietary approach changed my life and are the key to the success of the results her clients have.  Each session is very personal, and Lena does everything to ensure that your program changes when your body changes.  She is caring and always checks in with her clients.  She makes it really easy to make lifestyle changes, and is always supportive along the way.  Lena anticipates your physiological changes, and really helps put your mind at ease. Thanks Lena.”
– M.W. – Oshawa, ON.
line-separator-green“Life changing – that is how I would describe my experience with Lena. Four years ago I was diagnosed with a health issue. For those four years, I was gaining weight (but was malnourished), was tired all the time, had brain fog and wasn’t digesting the medication, as evidenced by constant increasing of the dosage. Two doctors told me I’d have to just accept the weight gain.
A friend of mine knew I was frustrated with the weight because my eating was healthy. She suggested I make an appointment with Lena. It was the best advice I’d ever received. Where doctors said to accept the weight gain, Lena figured out exactly what was happening. Within a month of my first visit my lethargy, brain fog and digestion had a significant improvement. Now four months later I’ve lost 50 lbs and feel better than I have in years. And yesterday, my doctor decreased my dosage and said see you in six months you’re doing great – keep doing what you’re doing!All thanks to Lena! She is caring, compassionate and truly concerned about the health and well being of her clients. She even follows up when she is out of the country on holidays! I have, and will continue to, refer people in need to Lena. She can and will help! Thank you so much Lena!”
– D.W. – Ottawa.
“For the last two years I have been searching for answers about the changes that were occurring to my body. My stomach was always upset, I had gained 30 pounds in a year, Loss of hair, retention of water and my energy level were low. I finally discovered that I was suffering from hashimotos disease, which I thought would help account for all the changes in body. I started medication to support my thyroid, I was working out 5 times a week and yet I still did not see any changes. I was fortunate to be introduced to Lena in August of 2018. She quickly was able to not only give me some answers but also gave me a plan to overcome my Candida and support my thyroid. Within a week of following her recommendations I had lost weight, I no longer was retaining water and I felt like myself again.My energy’s levels were back to normal. I continued to receive her support and as the month progressed, I felt I had control over my body. I also discovered that I was pregnant! Which I had been trying for a few months  without success. I really felt that Lena’s support helped me  make the necessary changes to allow my body to feel healthy enough to grow this little baby! I am so grateful to have met and worked with Lena. She has truly changed my life.”
– S.H. – Vancouver, B.C.
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