ABC + D Method

ABC + D Method

ABC + D Method

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The ABC + D Approach to health was originally created by Edward Milo Millet, which later was further developed by Steven Horne.

Where to Begin?

Back to Basics

With the recent explosion in medical research on the health benefits of herbs, and the resulting media attention toward nutritional supplements, more and more people are becoming convinced that they should be supplementing their diets. However, most people are confused about what they really need to be taking. To make matters worse, every individual has unique biological needs based on his or her history, genetic makeup and lifestyle. There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to nutritional supplements. In order to clear up some of this confusion, the ABC+D Method was developed. Instead of the “one size fits all” approach, the ABC+D method is a specific plan to help you develop a personalized nutritional program that will allow you to get the most benefit from what nutritional science has to offer.

ABC plus D stands for Activate, Build, Cleanse and Direct aid.

The A stands for Activate

The human body has a remarkable inherent capability of self-repair, providing it has sufficient energy and raw materials. However, after years of stress or neglect, or from eating too many devitalized processed foods, the body’s self-repair mechanisms can become sluggish. Certain energy supplements can help wake up the body’s energy systems, stimulating its healing ability. These supplements include homeopathic formulations, the essential oils used in aromatherapy, and especially the enzymes.
Certain supplements are referred to as energy supplements because— rather than supplying nutritional “building blocks”—they provide energy which can “wake up” a sluggish body, can “activate” the healing process, and can “stimulate” the body to begin the building and repairing process.

Any nutritional program will yield better results if one of these energy supplements is included.
A great way to begin energizing the body is with plant enzymes. Every chemical reaction in the body requires enzymes—from the digestion of food to the release of energy for cell metabolism. Many enzymes are contained in raw plant foods but cooking and processing destroys them, and so a diet that consists mostly of cooked and processed foods will be deficient. That is why we refer to such foods as devitalized. Eating foods deficient in enzymes places additional stress on the body’s enzyme production system, depleting it of vital resources that are needed elsewhere. We should therefore make an effort to eat some raw plant foods every day. The foods that are highest in enzymes are live freshly-sprouted seeds, such as alfalfa or broccoli sprouts.
Plant enzymes are also available as a dietary supplement in a product called Garden Essence a full-spectrum enzyme product that aids the digestion of all foods. In order to stimulate the body’s energy systems—especially its self-healing systems—It is recommended that you or your client include one or two capsule of Garden Essence with every meal. Take at the beginning of the meal.

The B Stands for Build

The above activation techniques provide the life energy necessary for body repair. But in order for that energy to be most effective the necessary raw materials must be available. To put it another way; the enzymes are the brick layers, but a brick layer can do little if he or she does not have bricks and mortar to work with. With the B of the ABC plus D approach we supply the bricks and mortar.
Most of the foods we eat today have been heavily processed. This increases their shelf-life, but it also destroys many vitamins and phytonutrients. Add to this the fact that modern farming practices have depleted our soils of many trace minerals and you have a formula for disaster.
We simply can not rely on our food today for all the vitamins and minerals necessary for optimal health. That is why it is recommended that everyone include a high-quality natural multi-vitamin supplement in their nutritional program. Super vitamins and minerals or Solstic Nutrition is a great multi-vitamin and supports your daily nutrition needs along with Essential Liquid Minerals. It is not possible to get all the nutrition we need for optimal health from the foods that we eat without nutritional supplementation
While it is possible today to get enough nutrition from our foods to prevent vitamin deficiency disease, which was what the “Recommended Daily Allowances” were based on, this falls far short of what nutritional science has discovered to be necessary for optimal health. Today’s overworked soils have been depleted of many trace minerals that the body needs, and food processing has been remarkably successful at removing any nutrition remaining in our foods. Add to this the additional requirements brought about by stressful living conditions in a polluted environment, and the fact that we often make poor choices when it comes to our health, and you have a formula for disaster. That is why everyone, without exception, needs to be on a nutritional program to provide not only vitamins, but even more importantly, the essential trace minerals, enzymes, and fiber that we are missing.

The C stands for Cleanse

Cleansing opens the body’s channels of elimination so that waste can be properly eliminated before toxins build up in the tissues and blood. Toxins produce stress and deplete the body’s energy systems. Proper elimination conserves the body’s healing energy making more energy available for healing and repair.
Modern food processing has removed most of the fiber from our foods. To add insult to injury we often eat too many foods that contain no fiber at all, such as meat and dairy products. These slow the movement of the intestines and promote the build up of waste material and toxins in the bowel, liver and blood. Everyone can benefit from a periodic cleanse to clear out these accumulations.
I do not recommend that people who are thin, pale, emaciated or in a weakened condition begin with a cleanse. Such people should begin by building. I also do not recommend cleansing for women who are pregnant or lactating. For the rest of us, it is a good idea to begin your nutritional program with a cleanse, so that a lot of (if not all of) the toxins that are causing them problems can be removed to give them a ‘fresh start’. I then recommend a cleanse twice a year—once in the Spring and again in the Autumn. Nature’s Sunshine has developed a special combination called Tiao He Pak. Although this is a two week cleanse, another way that this cleanse can be used: if you are not having a bowel movement every day then take two cellophane packages until you are moving your bowels daily, then take only one cellophane package a day – first thing in the morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. It is also suggested to take Liquid Chlorophyll which cleanses the blood and Bifidophilus Flora Force which help to repopulate intestinal flora levels or “friendly bacteria” in the gut. Also supports digestion, immunity and aids in the elimination of toxins.
For most individuals, the place to begin their natural health program is with a cleanse.

The D stands for Direct Aid

This is where we get specific. Most of us have one or more body systems that are weaker than the others and could benefit from direct nutritional support. For example, if you suffer from stress or insomnia your nervous system may be in greatest need of direct aid. If you have high blood pressure or circulation problems your circulatory system may need the most help. Sometimes we can even be symptom-free and still have a body system that is in need of support. In such cases the body may be compensating for the weakness, but it is just a matter of time before it is overcome and symptoms appear. In these cases the nutritional support is designed to build the weakened body system before a major problem occurs. This is what prevention is all about.
Nature’s Sunshine have developed the Health Analyzer that can help you determine your weakest body systems(s). Once you have determined that, a specific “Key Product” can be included in your nutritional program to support that system. There is a Key Product for each of the body’s nine systems. Key Products are vitamin/herbal combinations that support the health of a whole body system, rather than targeting a specific problem or symptom.
The body’s systems are:
• Digestive System
• Intestinal System
• Circulatory System
• Nervous System
• Immune System
. Respiratory System
. Urinary System
• Glandular System
. Structural System

If you have more than one body system that is need of support, It is usually best to target your worst system first. The body systems are interdependent so improving one often helps others as well. If you wish, you may target two systems at a time. After a month you can retake the Health Analyzer to see what kind of progress you have made. At that time you might decide to target another system instead of, or in addition to, the original system(s).

To Summarize the ABC Plus D Approach:

1. Most of you will need to start with the C for Cleanse. Begin with the Tiao He Pak an easy and mild, yet complete, two-week cleansing and detoxifying program.
2. Next, Activate the body’s self-healing ability with enzymes, and begin Building the body with a complete nutritional program with Garden Essence and Synerpro Vitamins and Minerals
3. Complete the
Health Analyzer and select a product or two (usually the key product) to support your weakest body system. This is the D for Direct aid, and should be done concurrently with the A and B portions of the program mentioned above.
4. Remember, we are not treating symptoms, we are rebuilding the body’s healing capability. It takes time for the body to heal itself. You should stick with your nutritional program for at least 3-4 months. Most herbalists recommend that you also add a month for every year that you have suffered from your present health concern. Don’t expect overnight results.
5. You should periodically retake the
Health Analyzer (probably about once a month) to monitor your progress and to determine if adjustments need to be made to the direct aid portion of your program. For example, the original weak body system may show improvement, but another body system may now need direct support. (It is common to have more than one body system in need of support, but it is best to concentrate on only one, or maybe two, at a time.)
6. Check with your doctor before changing any prescription drug routine. This program does not replace, but supplements, your regular health care.
7. Lifetime maintenance, inludiing a regular cleanse (twice a year) is necessary to maintain your health. Also continue with
Super Vitamins and Minerals, Garden Essence, and Essential Liquid Minerals to insure that your body gets the nutritients it needs for optimum health

If you have any questions, please send me an e-mail.

To your Health!

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