10 reasons to use ONLY NSP Products

10 reasons to use ONLY NSP Products

10 reasons to use ONLY NSP Products

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Top 10 Reasons to Use NSP Products

10. NSP utilizes over 400 different analytical tests to assure our supplements are the highest quality.

9. NSP has on-staff highly educated and trained research and development staff, including 3 Pharmacists and Ph.D.’s.

8. The staff in the quality department have over 200 years of combined experience and education.

7. NSP’s labs have state-of-the art equipment for the latest testing.

6. NSP has unique formulas that combine the synergistic effects of various herbs and supplements for optimum effect.

5. NSP guarantees the purity and potency of all our products.

4. Nature’s Sunshine Products manufactures and tests our products in our own manufacturing facility.

3. NSP guarantees our products to be free of contamination including heavy metals, lead, mercury, pesticides, and cadmium to name just a few.

2. NSP closely monitors the herbs from the fields where grown through cleaning, milling and processing and sources only the highest quality raw materials.

1. Nature’s Sunshine Products was founded by the Hughes family in 1972 based on the core values of QUALITY, SERVICE, and INTEGRITY. The Hughes family is still involved in all aspects of the company and they are still our three core principals.

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