“Go Clean”

“Go Clean”

“Go Clean”

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Toxic chemicals are found in everywhere from our food to the environment. We cannot control all the chemicals we are exposed to in the environment, but we do have control over the food we consume and what we are exposed to in our homes. For example, we can choose to buy food that is free of hormones and chemicals such as food dyes and artificial flavourings and preservatives. In our home, we have control over what we use to clean our house and we also have control over what types of cosmetics and skin care products we use.
Most household cleaners and cosmetics have toxic chemicals. These chemicals may result in respiratory problems, eye irritation, cancer, asthma, skin irritation, etc…

They also disrupt the endocrine system, which causes many hormonal disorders such as Thyroid problems, Prostate issues, Breast Cancer, and other problems with the reproductive organs. Most studies performed on these chemicals only look at the individual chemical and not on how they interact when they are in the body together. It is possible that they could be even more toxic to us than the studies suggest because we are exposed to so many at once rather than each individually. Thus it is important to try to minimize these chemicals in our everyday life.

Nature’s Sunshine,

Nature’s fresh healthy home cleaning products and
Personal care

NSP Concentrate – More write up on this product by Dr. Kim Balas https://www.nsprc.com/pdf/KimBalas/Nature’s%20Concentrate%20-%20Kim%20Balas.pdf

Nature’s Fresh Enzyme Spray – Multi-purpose use below – also view the write up on this product by Dr. Kim Balas https://www.nsprc.com/pdf/KimBalas/Nature’s%20Fresh%20-%20Kim%20Balas.pdf

Crystal Clear Deodorant

Irish Moss Hand & Body Lotion

Aloe Vera Gel

Tei Fu Oil

Tei Ful Massage Lotion

Peppermint Oil the benefits of Peppermint oil by Dr. Kim Balas https://www.nsprc.com/pdf/KimBalas/Peppermint%20Oil%20-%20Kim%20Balas.pdf

Silver Shield Gel

Nature’s Fresh – The Multi-Purpose Enzyme Spray

In the 1980’s, Nature’s Sunshine Products (NSP) introduced an enzyme spray called Nature’s Fresh, a household stain remover and deodorizing agent. The product is remarkably effective at knocking out all kinds of odours (pet smells, smoke, food odours, and even the smell of skunk). What Nature’s Sunshine didn’t realize was that they were also bringing an amazing aid for healing the body into the marketplace.
It all started when some innovative NSP manager felt inspired to spray Nature’s Fresh over the area of a spinal slipped disk. They had read that disks were composed largely of enzymes and decided to try using the enzymes in Nature’s Fresh topically to promote healing in the disk. It worked! Before long, NSP managers were spraying Nature’s Fresh on just about everything with almost miraculous results.

Here are some of the other amazing uses of this product:

Household Uses:

. Air freshener and odour remover
• Carpet cleaning and spot remover
• Dishwashing aid
• Laundry spot remover and freshener
• Mold and mildew remover
• Pet deodorizer

Topical Uses:

• Acne
• Arthritis pain
• Back pain
• Bites and stings
• Breast problems
• Broken bones
• Bumps and bruises
• Disk Problems (slipped, herniated, bulging, etc…)
• Face Toner
• Fibromyalgia pains
• Menstrual pain
• Muscle spasms and cramps
• Natural underarm deodorant
• Rashes and skin irritations
• Sprains and pulls
• Sunburn and other burns
• Wounds from infection, injuries, etc…

Internal Uses:

• Digestive problems
• Gargle for sore throat
• Mouthwash
• pH balancer
• Yeast Infection

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