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What the heck is Leaky Gut?

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The health of our Intestinal system is a critical part of regaining our overall health. You may be thinking “what does joint/muscle pain, headaches, brain fog, cardiovascular disease, skin irritations etc. have to do with your gut?” Consider this: the intestinal system is the hub that all body systems encircle and relies on for nutrition. Healing the gut is the most important first step everyone should do no matter what their health issues are. What happens in the gut is extremely important for the rest of the body—if your gut isn’t healthy, then neither are you!! 80% of your immune system is located in your gut. If your gut is not healthy, then your Immune system is not healthy – opening the door for viruses, bacteria, inflammation, autoimmune disease, and leaky gut.

What is Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is when the tight junction of the gut becomes porous allowing toxins, undigested food, bacteria, yeast and more, to get into your blood stream. Once there, these toxins travel throughout the body. These “foreign invaders” put your immune system on high alert, causing chronic inflammation. Inflammation is at the root of most health issues. Think of the “tight Junctions” as the “gateway” between your intestines and what’s permitted to pass into your blood stream. Having a leaky gut is like having the gates broken from your intestines to your blood stream.

What causes Leaky Gut?

Things that contribute to Leaky Gut are: gluten, dairy, sugar, alcohol, corn, nightshade vegetables, GMO’s, grain and pseudo grains, stress (physical or emotional), food additives, antibiotics, antacids, Prednisone, birth control pills, medication for inflammation (such as aspirin and ibuprofen), SIBO (small intestinal bacteria overgrowth), Candida, and Parasites.

Conditions associated with chronic inflammation:leakygut2b_cropped_holistichealinginformation

-Autoimmune disorders of all kinds
-Bone and joint disorders (e.g., back pain, muscle pain, arthritis)
-Cancer of all types
-Cardiovascular disease (heart disease, Atherosclerosis)
-Digestive disorders, such as acid reflux (GERD), irritable bowel syndrome, ulcers, gallstones, fatty liver, diverticulitis, food sensitivities, food allergies, emotional and cognitive disorders (e.g., anxiety, brain fog, depression)
-Skin rashes

Steps to heal a Leaky Gut:

-Remove – we must lessen the load by removing offending foods that cause
inflammation (gluten; dairy; corn; sugar; and for some, legumes and pseudo grains (e.g., rice, quinoa, millet, buckwheat) for a short time. These can be re-introduced later.

-Reset – we reset the gut by incorporating healing foods

-Repair – repair the gut with specific supplements

-Replenish – replenish the good gut bacteria with probiotics

Book an appointment to find out if you could be at risk for a leaky gut!!


My Personal Journey

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My personal journey – Thinking back to when I was a child, I now believe I’ve always had food sensitivities. I remember being in grade school, waking up to a nice flat belly, but after breakfast (which usually consisted of cookies and milk, toast or cereal), I somehow looked two sizes bigger, felt bloated, and experienced nausea and headaches. I had acne, and a horrendous monthly cycle that kept me from school a couple of days a month. In later years, I had severe cystic acne, hypothyroidism, adrenal exhaustion, anemia, depression, weight issues, brain fog, malabsorption, and nutritional deficiencies. I suffered with these issues for a few years, in and out of my doctor’s office, leaving more frustrated than when I went in. My doctor’s even suggested I go see a Psychotherapist because she felt I had PTSD….
Enough was enough. I finally decided I was going to give Alternative Health a try, in particular an Iridologist (which by the way, I had no idea what that was at the time). I had been holding on to her business card for two years and I was at my wits ends – honestly I wasn’t expecting much, heck I just couldn’t fathom how someone looking in my eyes was going to help me when the lab tests and blood work that were routinely done didn’t show anything. Little did I know that one visit with the Iridologist would change my life forever. It was this Iridologist that confirmed all that I had been feeling and was able to see the lack of energy in the organs that were effected by all the issues that I have listed above. It sparked a fire within me to learn more. I started taking body system lectures, which led me to take my Iridology course where I graduated with high-honours. I then went on to take another Iridology course from Ellen Tart Jensen (daughter in-law of the late Bernard Jensen). I later continued my studies as a nutritional therapist, muscle testing and bio-physical resonance practitioner.
However, my journey to health was at a standstill – yes I was far better than I had been in a very long time, but still not 100% and my weight just kept creeping up. Before I knew it, I was 160 lbs from 120 lbs on a 5’2” body, and I still had joint pains, headaches, menstrual irregularities and sugar cravings. I was extremely frustrated. I remember thinking “but I eat healthy!”. I had given up gluten and dairy for a quite a while because of food sensitivities, yet, I knew there was still something missing. In continuing my studies on health I was introduced to something called cross reactivity, basically how your body can still think you’ve eaten gluten even after giving it up. Things like buckwheat, corn, rice, eggs, oats, dairy etc. These were some of the things I was still eating after eliminating gluten from my diet… This was my “AHA” moment! With this new found knowledge, I felt I had found the missing piece of the puzzle. I decided I was going to hit the “restart” button and omit all sugars even the healthy one and anything that turned to sugar – including starchy vegetables, pseudo grains (quinoa, buckwheat, rice) beans and lentils. What happened next literally made me cry – I lost 4 pounds in 4 days and yes of course some of it was water weight but in the following days and weeks my weight kept falling off. Please understand that this was a turning point for me, I had tried every pill, potion, tea, I even reached out to other health professionals for 10 years and NOTHING worked until I did this program. I am not going to lie and say it was easy. Heck no. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. I went through a week of detoxing… I slept all day, had headaches and just felt terrible. However, I knew that this was a good sign, it may be hard to believe but this is a very positive thing. I urged myself to stay strong and to remember that if I didn’t do this now, when would I! Above all else, I needed to be patient and love myself through this journey. I believed I was worth it! With each passing day it got a little easier. I am very proud to say that my fatigue, joint pains, and headaches were all reversed. You may be wondering what I ate, considering all the foods I eliminated. I concentrated on good quality healthy fats, moderate protein, and non-root vegetables, in the right ratio. As time passed, I longed for comfort foods that I grew up on and I knew I had to get creative in the kitchen and start playing around with alternative ingredients. And that’s what I did. I now eat spaghetti and meatballs, shepherd’s pie, chicken pot pie, Asian dishes all with ingredients that keep me healthy. At first it was just for myself, but once my husband and two daughters saw the difference in me, not just my weight but my energy, my vitality and my constant good mood – ok I might be going overboard there, but you get the picture – they decided they wanted to feel the same. Today we are all eating delicious, healthy food and couldn’t be happier… or healthier!

IF my story resonates with you, or you are looking for answers to your health issues,  please feel free to contact me to chat further. I am here to help!

What is Iridology?

What is Iridology?

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Iridology is an alternative medicine practice in which the analysis of the eyes is used to determine the level of health.

The eyes reveal a “genetic blueprint” we are born with, but accumulations in the eye can build up over the years because of the how we eat, drink, think, feel and live our lives. Iridology is a holistic approach to diagnosing and determining treatment tailored to the individual. Treatment includes herbs, vitamins, supplements, dietary changes, etc.

Since each section of the iris correlates directly to a specific internal organ, iris analysis can uncover hereditary predispositions to degenerative conditions decades before symptoms occur or diagnostic testing may reveal. Therefore, it is a valuable asset for preventive health care.

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Benefits of Dry Brushing

Benefits of Dry Brushing

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As an Iridologist, one of the things I frequently notice when I am assessing a clients iris is a darkened scurf rim (skin). This tells me that this person is not releasing toxins through their skin, which adds additional burden to other eliminative channels such as: liver, kidneys, and lungs.

Dry brushing your skin may be one of the easiest and best ways to detoxify your body on a regular basis. The skin is estimated to eliminate over a pound of waste each day through its pores and through the elimination of dead skin cells from the body. Dry brushing is an effective way to maximize the toxin elimination channels of the skin.

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PARASITES: The infestation you might not know you have


A parasite is common organism that feeds off other organisms. It derives its food, shelter, and nutrition by living in or on another organism. These scavengers consume nutrients from their hosts.

Although many people assume parasitic infections in humans are only a problem in underdeveloped countries, they also pose a serious problem in Canada and the United States. There are, in fact, many species of parasites that show no socioeconomic boundaries and be found in all climates.

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Why Choose Natural Remedies over Prescription Drugs

Why Choose Natural Remedies over Prescription Drugs

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Why Choose Natural remedies over prescription drugs?

It’s quite simple really! Natural remedies heal the body, prescription drugs manage the symptoms!

Prescription Drugs

You see, prescription drugs are man-made supplements that contain chemicals, and other unnatural products that are foreign to our bodies, which can cause more harm than good, such as: cancer, tumors, and so much more. Your symptoms may subside but rarely will they fix the problem.

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